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Gary Kennedy, Former Orbit Semiconductor CEO & Board Member, Joins ZF Linux Devices Board
Mr. Kennedy brings over 30 years of semiconductor and telecommunications industry experience to the rapidly growing manufacturer of FailSafeô Linux PC-on-a-Chip

New York, NY, June 26, 2000

ZF Linux Devices, Inc. announced today the appointment of Gary Kennedy to its Board of Directors. Mr. Kennedy, 54, joins ZF Linux Devices from Orbit Semiconductor, where he was a board member as well as CEO. Mr. Kennedy brings more than 30 years of experience in the semiconductor and telecommunications industries.

Mr. Kennedy served as President/CEO and Board Member of Orbit Semiconductor, Inc. from 1985 until 1998. Under his leadership, the company did an MBO in 1991, went public in 1994 and was sold to the D11 Group in 1996 for $113 million. Mr. Kennedy played a significant role in guiding the company to becoming a recognized leader in ASIC design and manufacturing services. Prior to joining Orbit, Mr. Kennedy held engineering positions with Raytheon Co. Semiconductor Division, Signetics, Inc. and Synertek, Inc., all semiconductor companies and Comdial Technology Corporation, a telecommunications company. Mr. Kennedy holds a B.S. in Business Management from the University of San Francisco.

"We are fortunate to have an industry leader like Gary join out team at ZF. His proven track record in building a company from the ground up and taking it public will be of great value to ZF," said Dave Feldman, ZF Linux Devices president. "We continue to assemble a strong board of directors and executive staff that will assure ZF's position as the leader in the embedded systems industry," continued Mr. Feldman. Mr. Kennedy joins other distinguished members of the company's board of directors including Al Stein, former Chairman & CEO of VLSI Technology.

About The ZF MachZô
The ultra-low power MachZ is the only fully implemented PC-on-a-Chip that runs all x86 code natively and boots autonomously on application of power. It is also the only processor bundled with a full suite of embedded software including Phoenix BIOS and Linux or WindRiver's VxWorks operating systems. ZF's patented FailSafe Bootô feature makes it the only embedded processor that allows upgrades over the Internet eliminating the possibility of irrecoverable crashes. It is the only device capable of booting on power-up even if all external system software has been corrupted or is inaccessible.

The MachZ integrates an unequaled set of traditional PC hardware features including PCI, ISA and Access (I2C) buses, serial and parallel I/O, floppy and hard disk controllers. It also contains a host of patented features specifically created to solve the problems faced by designers of OEM products. With this device, ZF Linux Devices brings to market the most feature rich X86 PC-on-a-Chip ever introduced.

About ZF Linux Devices
ZF Linux Devices, Inc. pioneered FailSafe systems in embedded applications. Its products are the most highly integrated, PC-compatible control modules in the embedded systems market. They include full motherboard hardware and software functionality.

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