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Lynx Partners With ZF Linux Devices To Deliver BlueCat Linux With First FailSafe PC-on-A-Chip
Development System to Speed Design Internet and Post-PC Devices

New York, NY, June 26, 2000

LynuxWorks, Inc., formerly Lynx Real-Time Systems, today announced a joint marketing agreement with ZF Linux Devices Inc. to bundle LynuxWorks BlueCatô Linux and the LynuxWorksô development tools with ZF Linux Devices' ZF MachZô Integrated Development System (IDS). The IDS is designed for developing Internet and Post-PC devices based on the ZF Linux Devices MachZô FailSafe PC-on-a-Chip. The MachZ includes the ZF Linux Devices FailSafeô boot ROM to eliminate the possibility of system crashes.

Developers will receive BlueCatô Linux software and tools with each IDS shipped. Other software tools in the system include Red HatÆ Linux, the Phoenix BIOS, Caldera DR-DOS and an RTOS run-time license.

"In bringing the first true PC System-on-a-Chip to the market we were determined to provide world-class software tools to our customers," said David L. Feldman, ZF Linux Devices' president. "We feel that the best way to shorten our customers' time-to-market is to include the BlueCat Linux tools from LynuxWorks."

"ZF Linux Devices is among an elite group of entrepreneurial companies putting wheels on the powerful Linux engine," said Inder Singh, chairman and CEO for LynuxWorks. "We see this partnership as a significant endorsement of Lynx's leadership in the embedded Linux world."

About ZF Linux Devices
ZF Linux Devices, Inc. pioneered FailSafe systems in embedded applications. Its products are the most highly integrated, PC-compatible control modules in the embedded systems market. They include full motherboard hardware and software functionality.

About LynuxWorks
LynuxWorks, Inc., formerly Lynx Real-Time Systems, is a developer and supplier of Linux and real-time operating system software for reliable and high-performance embedded computing applications. LynuxWorks supports industry standards in communications, avionics, automotive, office automation and process control systems worldwide, enabling customers to leverage their investments in software and education. LynuxWorks products include the open-source BlueCatô Linux and the scalable, Linux-compatible LynxOSÆ real-time operating system; software frameworks for high-availability systems; development tools and technical support worldwide. Information about LynuxWorks is available on the World Wide Web at http://www.LynuxWorks.com.

LynuxWorks is a privately held corporation whose investors include Intel, Motorola, TurboLinux and other institutions.

LynuxWorks and BlueCat are trademarks and LynxOS and Lynx Real-Time Systems are registered trademarks of LynuxWorks, Inc. Other brand or product names are registered trademarks or trademarks of the respective holders.

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