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100MHz 486 Single Component Computer for Embedded Applications Consumes Just 2.5W
ZF Linux Devices adds high performance, low power, pin-compatible embedded Linux Devices to its OEMmodule single component computer family
Palo Alto, CA, March 30, 1998

ZF Linux Devices, Inc. today announced a 100MHz Single Component Computer (SCC) that brings high performance PC motherboard functionality to a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

Called the OEMmodule 486, the product provides full motherboard system functionality including serial and parallel I/O, floppy and hard disk controllers, AT keyboard and speaker interface, and a Fail Safe Boot ROM in a 240-pin gull-wing footprint smaller than a credit card. Preloaded in 512K of its 2Mbyte Resident Flash Disk are a PC compatible BIOS and DOS. The remaining 1.5Mbytes are user available. Operating within a temperature range of 40C to +85C at software selectable speeds up to 100MHz, the maximum power consumption is under 2.5W.

OEMmodule SCCs provide the only device available in the embedded market which incorporates the full functionally of an X86 motherboard in a package that can be surface-mounted directly on an OEM's proprietary design, eliminating unreliable connectors and cables required in multiple board designs. Product development cost and risk are minimized because the OEMmodule SCC is ready-to-run on power up. The component's fully integrated construction makes it the most rugged embedded PC solution available.

"The new OEMmodule 486 is a pin-compatible member of a family of products developed for cost-sensitive, high-volume embedded applications requiring ultra-miniature, highly rugged hardware and PC compatibility," said David Feldman, president of ZF Linux Devices. "Product designers begin adding value as soon as they receive their development kit because of the PC BIOS and DOS are pre-loaded, eliminating one of the greatest risks in adding PC compatibility to any product," he added.

"This new single component computer brings 100MHz 486 performance within economic reach of a wide range of applications, and is the best choice when getting to market ahead of the competition is of paramount importance," continued Mr. Feldman.

OEMmodule technology was developed to meet the needs of embedded applications that require low power consumption, easy integration, high reliability, broad thermal adaptability, small size, and low cost. Typical applications encompass a wide range of products, including medical instruments, data loggers, security systems, test equipment, point-of-sale terminals, communications devices, and navigational instruments.

The OEMmodule 486 is available throughout North America from Hamilton Hallmark and from local distributors in more than 15 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.

Sample quantities will be available in April, with full production in June `98. Price is under $200 each in volume quantities.

ZF Linux Devices, Inc. is an international company founded in 1995 by David L. Feldman, inventor of the now standard PC/104 and 5MX Single Board Computer (SBC) Standards. The company established a new precedent for integrating PC/AT functionally within embedded applications with its Single Component Computer (SCC) technology. Using this technology, ZF Linux Devices has created a family of products originating with their OEMmodule, a highly integrated, X86 PC compatible device offering high reliability and easy integration into embedded designs. ZF Linux Devices products eliminate risk and allow customers to realize greater return on investment in embedded design.

ZF Linux Corporate Headquarters: 1052 Elwell Court, Palo Alto, CA 94303 USA Toll Free: 1.800.683.5943 Direct: 650.965.3800 Fax: 650-965-4050 E-mail: info@zflinux.com Web: www.zflinux.com | European Headquarters: 30 Rue du Morvan, Silic 558, 94643 Rungis, Cdex, France Tel: 33.(O)141.80.0410 | Fax: 33.(0)141.80.0411 | South American Sales Office: Prometeo 3036, Buenas Aires, Argentina Tel/Fax: +54.1.544.4033